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Photo Gallery

Canaries, Finches and Doves Canaries, Finches and Doves Canaries Gloster Canaries in Flight cage. 100898621 Gloster Canary Blue/White crested gloster male canary. 100898623 Recessive Whites Recessive White canary chicks almost ready to fledge. 100898622 Canary Chicks Red Factor chicks only a couple days old. 100898624 Blue Capped Cordon Blues Blue Capped Cordon Blues, male on left and hen on right. 100898625 Blue Capped Cordon Blue Blue Capped Cordon Blue male. 100898626 Diamond Doves White tailed blue diamond dove family. 100898628 Diamond Doves Baby dove just fledged the nest. 100898627 Lady Gouldian Finch A hen and her fledglings. 132072428 Lady Gouldian Finch Some just fledged gould chicks. You can still see the nodules on their beaks. 132072429 Lady Gouldian Finch A pair in the nest box. Red headed male with black headed hen. 132072430 Lady Gouldian Finches A group of normal colored goulds. Those beautiful rainbow colors are my favorite. 132072434 Canary chicks A nest full of canary chicks. 132072432 Canaries Green crested canary hen and a chick. 132072436 Red Factor Canary This beautiful red canary has been colorfed. 132072435 Flight cages My husband made these custom cages to fit over a double window in my bird room. 132072431 More cages Another cabinet my husband made for me. It holds 3 double breeder cages behind glass. Works great to keep cats away from the birds but it also keeps the feathers and bird seed contained a bit. 132072433