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Laundry Soap


Joy's Laundry Soap is 100% natural and made for all of your laundry needs; for cold, warm or hot water with whites, colors and delicates.  Safe for high efficiency washing machines.  I use my own homemade soap, add natural minerals and triple blend to a fine powder for a washing soap that dissolves easily and cleans really well.  

This soap is highly concentrated and it only takes 1 Tablespoon per load for a normal load.  If you have extremely large loads or heavily soiled loads it may require 2 Tablespoons per load.  I recommend using white vinegar as your rinse agent.  This will leave your clothes clean and without residue. 

The laundry soap is shipped in a resealable bag that holds 2 pounds of soap.  It will wash approximately 64 loads.

Lavender and Lemongrass scents are all natural essential oil soaps.  Carolina Backwoods and Clean Cotton are phlalate free fragrance oils.

For even more fabric softening options, check out our handmade wool dryer balls. They can be used over and over and also help reduce static electricity.

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