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Laundry Aid - Wool Dryer Balls


A set of 3 handmade 100% wool dryer balls. Dryer balls are an economic and hypoallergenic way to replace chemical laden fabric softener and dryer sheets in your laundry.  Just toss these wool balls into your clothes dryer and let them tumble while your clothes dry. 

The balls will help soften your clothes while reducing wrinkles and static electricity. These are economic because they last indefinitely. Because the wool is felted, it will not come loose and get onto your clothes so most people (even with wool sensitivities) can use these without issues. If you like a fragrance in your laundry, you can add essential oils right onto the wool balls. You can also choose essential oils that help eliminate germs like Melaleuca. Or add calming Lavender for your linens.

The Room Spray makes a great refresher spray for our wool dryer balls.


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