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I currently have the following fertile eggs for sale

To order, contact me at [email protected]

Mille Fleur D'Uccle (Bantam) - $25.00 a dozen or $12.00 for 6 eggs

Bantam Wyandotte (Crele and Barred colors) - $50.00 per dozen/$25 for half doz or $4 per egg

White Leghorn - $12.00 per dozen

Barred Plymouth Rocks - $12.00 per dozen

Buff Orpington - $15.00 per dozen

Blue Cochins - $25.00 per dozen

Jersey Giants (Black and Blue) - $20.00 per dozen

Silver Laced Wyandottes - $15.00 per dozen

Polish Crested (Black with White crest) - $20.00 per dozen

Cuckoo Marans (English Standard) - $25.00 per dozen

Guinea Eggs (pearl, lavender, white, royal purple - all kept together) - $8.00 per dozen

Guinea Eggs (white) - $12.00 per dozen

*Prices do not include shipping charges. Flat $15 per dozen anywhere in the continental USA.